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Purpose Infused Brotherhood

#1 Community for Working Family Men who wake up every day being a Man, Husband, and Father who is on Purpose and on Fire! Stop feeling like you have no time, no energy, and less of a relationship with your spouse and kids and be the Man, Husband, and Father you truly want to be.


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Founder - Clay Smeltzer

There are 2 Steps to join the Purpose Infused Brotherhood. >>> Step 1) Book a 30 min Strategy Call >>> Step 2) Attend 1 Brotherhood Session

Membership Includes

- Unlimited access to a community of like-minded Men, Husbands, and Fathers constantly striving to live on Purpose and on Fire!
- LIVE Weekly Zoom Brotherhood Sessions to share wins, deal with pressing issues, and discuss the topic of the week.
- LIVE Guest Speakers every other month.
- Discounts to Brotherhood Members services and products they may offer.
- Quarterly Book Clubs & Monthly Challenges
- Brotherhood Member Profile Listing (Optional for any business owner to help share and gain business within the community.)
- Invitation to be on the Purpose Infused Brotherhood Podcast and on Purpose Infused Round Table Episodes
- Access to quarterly and annual in-person gatherings.
- Discounts on Brotherhood Apparel and Products
- No long term commitments, just monthly membership.


- Access to the Purpose Infused Brotherhood Website Resources
- FREE Fire 5 Method >>Training and Introduction Program
- Access to the Purpose Infused Brotherhood Resources
- Access to Purpose Infused Brotherhood Volley-App Community
- 1 FREE Hour strategy session with Me 
- First access and discount pricing on all Purpose Infused Brotherhood Events: Father & Son Initiation Outing, Purpose Firestarter Program, and No Holds Barred Men's Conference 

Frequently Asked Questions

The Purpose Infused Brotherhood Master Membership investment is $97 per month and you can cancel at anytime, for any reason.  Contact Clay for investment costs for other group or 1on1 coaching programs.

All invoices are paid monthly automatically using Stripe (debt or credit card) or PayPal.  Monthly payments occur every 30 days after initial purchase.

There is no membership contract. You can cancel your membership anytime, for any reason. Whatever rate you pay to join, that will always be your rate, as long as you remain a member with no break in service.

We charge a fee for this group, so we can keep the quality of the group high. We are a group of people who are happy to make an investment into leveling up for ourselves, our family and our community.

All resources can be accessed by logging into the Purpose Infused Brotherhood Website or App using your email and password you set up at registration.  All programs and resources that you invest in will be there in your library.

Brotherhood Session take place every Tuesday and Wednesday from 8-9:15ish pm est.  Members are free to join either session based on their availability that week.

Brotherhood Round Tables and Guest Speakers will also be scheduled on those two days at those same times.

The program is specifically designed to put an end to feeling stuck, spinning your wheels, stressed, no energy and burnt out as a working family man. It’s designed for people who’ve tried self help books, planners, seminars,  prioritized home and work, and talked with your friends and family and still haven’t been able to get that excitement and Fire back they once had for life.

No, this is a YOU thing!  I do not do religious or faith based teachings.  You are free to believe or not to believe.  If you are religious or spiritual those topics will come up for you individually as you work through the Fire 5 Method but I do not teach from a religious point of view.

Purpose Infused Brotherhood Podcast

Each Thursday John "Doe Knows" Ellis and I release another amazing episode of the Brotherhood Podcast!!

This is the podcast for men to come to, where they will hear the conversations that men need to be having and leave with tools for them to build and live their Purpose, every single day!

Listen to Podcast NOW!


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